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Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 20:32:36 MST

At 06:21 PM 13/01/01 EST, Patrick Clifford wrote:

>Ayatollah Richard Dawkins said the
>author needed "psychiatric help"! How's THAT for Oxford outreach?

Well, actually it's a lie (or at best carelessly sloppy memory). What
Dawkins wrote was:

< All qualified physicists, biologists, cosmologists and geologists agree,
on the basis
of massive, mutually corroborating evidence, that the earth’s age is at
least four
billion years. Richard Milton thinks it is only a few thousand years old,
on the
authority of various Creation ‘science’ sources including the notorious Henry
Morris (Milton himself claims not to be religious, and he affects not to
the company he is keeping). The great Francis Crick (himself not averse to
rocking boats) recently remarked that "anyone who believes that the earth
is less
than 10,000 years old needs psychiatric help." Yes yes, maybe Crick and the
of us are all wrong and Milton, an untrained amateur with a ‘background’ as an
engineer, will one day have the last laugh. Want a bet? >

But then, hey, what's the opinion of the Nobel-laureate co-untangler of DNA
structure and code compared with those mighty unheralded geniuses who
shatter the myths of Darwinism?

Dawkins' review is at:

Damien Broderick

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