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Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 17:58:46 MST

Robotics Books, Kits, Magazines, Movies, and Toy Robots
The hobby of robotics covers a wide range of interests and activities. Few
other hobbies would involve you in such diverse fields as electronics,
mechanisms, computer hardware, software, and artificial intelligence. If
you are interested in any one of these, we invite you to take a look
around our site

_Robot_: Since Hans Moravec's _Mind Children_ was published in 1988,
machines have defeated the world chess champion, driven vans across
thousands of miles of public roads, found theorem proofs sought by
mathematicians for a half century, composed music that sophisticated
listeners found pleasant and interesting, and earned livings making
scientific, medical and financial decisions. These accomplishments had
eluded researchers in the previous three decades. A major factor in the
recent successes is the availability of about 100 times more computer
power than before. The available power is now doubling every year, and a
rapid evolution of machine intelligence is underway. The new book
documents, extrapolates and evaluates the prospects. Concluding chapters
speculate on the distant future of evolving intelligence.



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