RE: Extremism redux

From: Joe Dees (
Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 17:08:11 MST

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>From: "Michael M. Butler" <>
>Subject: Extremism redux
>Joe Dees wrote:
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>> This list is obviously not safe from the overweening list depredations of these inconsiderate and uncaring oafs. Take it to exi-freedom or the NRA list, please!
>Now that you've lumped me in with a bunch of people you claim to
>despise, what am I to make of it? I don't want to sit idly by and see
>misinformation promulgated, and I have some constructive suggestions to
>add to a thread already in progress. That's not good enough for you?
>Very well, sir.
>Now I see something resembling extreme behavior, and I don't see it
>coming from me. I am sure you get great satisfaction from your position
>of moral righteousness as a champion of principle. As do all extremists.
>Perhaps your extremism is situational. I hope so. I respect a great many
>of the things you've reported having done in the interest of causes you
>believed in.
>With great regret, then, I have nothing further to say to you. *PLONK*
All extremists view anyone who does not approve of their actions and words as extremists; why should this extremist be different? It does not matter that his eyes and ears are closed now; his mind was closed long before - his loss, although since it is his own mind that he has lost, I doubt if he will be self-aware enough to miss it. He chose to be part of the problem, the off-topic gun garbage extropy list flood problem. Well, let him be; I shall continue to endeavor to solve it, and to be part of the solution - to attempt to stem the tide of unmitigated list irrelevancy by sticking my finger in the dike every time it leaks.

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