Re: META: i hope this list is bigger than this issue: control/guns/extremism

Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 12:37:05 MST

Justin Corwin wrote:

> so can we come to some to some sort of consensus as to what to do about
> this? i dislike unreflective conflict.

Not only that, I dislike unreflective conflict where the opponents don't
*fucking learn* from the past, ever, and have to restart each time afresh.
I personally have nothing against guns, in fact I like guns just fine, but
I don't want to hear any more pro/anti gun battles, because I've seen several
too many. Way too many. On this list, and elsewhere. What next, shall we
discuss Jesus, or mind control?

So please, guys, take it to ExI-freedom, or ExI-guns, but please do
not clog up the the channel with irrelevant flamage.

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