AU: Aussie >H TV shows

From: Emlyn (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 19:02:48 MST

I've been watching this new show on the ABC in Oz, called FAQ. The idea
seems to be to present interesting scientific issues in a "hip" gen-x kinda
way; the main format is a panel discussion which is pretty PhD heavy.

This week's topic was something along the lines of "Human evolution - where
next?", and was basically a non-stop transhumanist piece about us doing our
changing deliberately from here on in. If I remember correctly, there was a
biotech episode some time back. Next week's episode is "Human
Consciousness", and I expect it to be a popularist but quite positive take
on the whole issue of where we are going, intelligence-wise, including AI.

Admittedly it's pretty dumbed down. The panel are people who are in the
science world but not the >H world; talking about the humans of a million
years from now being cyber-augmented "normal" humans; pretty conservative
stuff. However, it's broaching just about all of the issues, in a manner
that the average viewer can comfortably absorb, without challenging too many
assumptions. Also, it's doing this in a very positive way; the frankenstein
metaphor is locked relatively firmly in it's box.

Any Aussies seen this show? I know it isn't a patch on the extro list, but
it's doing a top job of spreading the fundamental messages. Have a look, if
you haven't yet.

I have a suspicion that either the writers or Adam Spencer (the host) have
been cruising >H parts of the web. Hello, if you are lurking; don't be
scared to pop up!


Also, anyone seen the series "Super Human"? It's been screening recently, I'm not sure if it's finished. It's an amazing show on biotech, and on many bleeding edge medical technologies. It seems to take the position that it's up to us to do as we will with ourselves, including genes, the whole business. It's a more advanced (and more interesting) show than faq, filmed in Britain I think. My fuzzy recollection is that the host is an immunologist.

There are other shows, too. Next week, I'm expecting

"The Anders Show!" Our host, Anders Sandberg, presents topical issues each week, to keep you up to date with the future. This week - special guest Eliezer Yudkowsky presents the five most likely scenarios for total destruction of the world, tells us why this could be a good thing, and helps us to choose the most preferable method.



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