GUNS/TOOLS: Needed? was: GUNS/TOOLS: cheap Glocks for Bay Area extropians

From: Justin Corwin (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 16:36:20 MST

>SIG and Ruger are two makers that I recommend new buyers look at. The
>P94 and the entire P series is a great autoloader family from Ruger, and
>for 'first pistols' I'd recommend the GP101 revolver.

i've never owned a gun before, though i've shot them.
as a young man, i have a certain fascination with guns(compressed power,
basically) but i'm also a little leery of them.

but it seems that some on this list see self defense as impractical without
one(i originally continued studying martial arts for similar reasons..) so
it seems i must be interested in defending myself. and i'm wondering what
people in this thread think of whether someone like me ought to get
aquainted with firearms, and/or purchase one. any suggestions would be
welcome, with an addendum to my personality that i would rather save up and
buy a nice solid item, than start with a "newbie" item and have to ugrade
later. i'm thinking that would hold true for firearms as well, but don't
know enough about them to make an informed decision.

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