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From: Ifrit (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 00:56:48 MST

> Marlow's Paradox:
> “We cannot entrust our fate to machines without
> emotions, for they have no compassion; we cannot
> entrust our fate to machines with emotions, for they
> are unpredictable.”
> Basically, we can't trust machines.

So don't trust them. Assume they, like every human, are subject to acting
in unwanted manners. Chances are they will only react negatively to bad
human reactions, or mistrust of them, something you seem to advocate.

Second, how do we know about the first statement? Have we ever known of
any intelligent life with no apparent emotions? I can at best only
speculate as to what that would be. In fact I can only speculate as to
whether or not that can exist.

Marlow's paradox could possibly be wrong...
Or it could be right and quite trivial if AI has incentive to react in
positive ways to humans.

Then again there's always the argument that we are just here to create a
better species, free from war, plague, famine, etc.

Anyway, by the time we have AI, we will quite probably have a better idea
of this...errr...some will atleast.

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