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From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 00:35:13 MST

From: "Dave Sill" <>
> Nan Madol is a series of nearly a hundred man-made islands and canals
> massive structures built from 30- to 50-ton basalt columns. Few people
> it exists. Nobody knows anything about the builders. The site has never
> rigorously surveyed or studied. It's currently a minor tourist
> Much of it is still overgrown and unexplored. I find this

It's not that difficult to comprehend. It's overgrown because it's
unexplored, and it's unexplored because, being overgrown, it's hard to
explore. Everyone knows about Stonehenge because descendents of the people
who built this (comparatively) paltry edifice went on to discover science
and to colonize distant continents. Descendents of Nan Madol didn't. So,
evidently it doesn't matter what kind of ruins a civilization leaves
behind as much as it matters what Type of civilization a population

--J. R.

The genes harbor their own wisdom and their own inertia.
Evolution is a technological, mathematical, informational, and biological
process rolled into one. It could almost be said to be a law of physics, a
principle that reigns over all created multitudes, whether they have genes
or not.

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