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Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 14:55:59 MST

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> I have a ETX-70 that I got as a gift, and I love. These units
> interface with a laptop with no problem, and Meade sells some
> pretty good software for them. Now if I didn't like in Chicago's
> glare....
> For a little more money they make a ETX-90 which has Matsukov-
> Cassegrain (sp?) optics.

I have been lusting after this one for a long time. I got to look through
one once, and really loved it. I don't have one of my own, and I live in
the city of Columbus, which makes up for it's small size and backwards,
overgrown cow pasture status by lighting itself up like Times Square. I
hope to go to grad school in a less city-like environment, so maybe I'll get
one for then. As it is, the observatory north of the city lets us look
through its telescope once a month, and satisfies my amateur needs.

If anyone knows anything more about it, I would love to hear it.


> Maybe Amara our resident expert could help.
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