Re: Bitten by NIMBY, CA power system goes socialist

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 12:41:21 MST

From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>


>Apparently, thanks to a mere thunderstorm, rolling power blackouts
>are expected across California this afternoon. I think one thing
>unmentioned is the fact that demand is hardly inelastic. It has,
>in fact, shot up by 13% in a single year thanks to a) internet
>use, and b) the added load of state mandated electric cars: i.e
>two things not unforeseeable by power planners five years ago. I
>know I was warning about it on the Bonneville Power sponsored
>conservation email lists from 92-95.

Good points, at least it should be good business for Greg Burch's
clients, and extropian investors.

I saw that California is having a bad weather day again, I hope
you're all staying dry.

Deregulation is a complex issue, especially if the people doing the
deregulating don't understand the industry, or basic economics.

I've tried but since given up trying to explain telephone
deregulation to people. People keep asking me, "When is there going
to be competition." I explain that I hook up 2 to 3 "competitors"
a day, for the last three years. But the fact is that residential
phone service has always been subsidized by business, so nobody is
interested in offering residential service, but competitors abound
in the business market.

This will (and has) led to a deterioration in the residential
service market, and will eventually lead to HIGHER prices as the
revenue subsidy drys up.

They were sold a bill of goods, and bought every word.


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