FLAME: Joe Dees and Russell Whitaker STOP IT!

From: Harvey Newstrom (mail@HarveyNewstrom.com)
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 09:42:30 MST

Joe and Russ,

Will you two get a room and stop flame-baiting each other in public?
The list is not interested!

Russ, it is not necessary for you to post instruction on how to
filter Joe Dees. This is inflammatory and unprofessional.

Joe, even if you are joking, it is not appropriate to deliberately
fake quoted material from other posters.

Both of you, STOP POSTING THIS STUFF TO THE LIST! Your postings are
no longer aimed at other list members, but are really aimed at each
other. Private e-mail is the appropriate forum for such messages.

The topic of G U N S is not banned from the list, but your immature
flamewars about G U N S is specifically prohibited by the list rules!

Grow up or get out!

Harvey Newstrom <HarveyNewstrom.com>

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