Re: Can you say "troll"?

From: Joe Dees (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 18:48:23 MST

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>From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>
>Subject: Re: Can you say "troll"?
>James Rogers wrote:
>> On Tue, 09 Jan 2001, you wrote:
>> << So, then, that having been said, why
>> > not argue the *important* issues... like why Glocks are _obviously_ superior
>> > all-around combat arms for Extropians than SIGs, H&K, or Kimbers? >>
>> >
>> > You missed a scout rifle with a name something like the "Stryer"
>> I'll whup' ass on all you young 'uns, me and this here Enfield.
>One-up: an 1861 trap-door rifle refurbed from an original action: breech
>loaded, with no government paperwork or NICS check (its a pre-1895
One up on you all: extremist progunners with the irresistible compulsion to shoot their mouths off concerning their obsession on the Extropy list.

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