What does the future look like?

From: nde_plume Last Name (nde_plume@my-deja.com)
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 14:15:45 MST

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) My wife recently announced that she is going to have a baby,
and that, along with the fact that we are a mere ten days into
the new millennium has me thinking about the future a great

I was wondering what the readership of this list thought would
be the state of the world, particularly, technological advances
of significance to extropians, over the next few decades.

For fun, let me specifically ask what important developments in
extropian related technology will take place by significant
milestones in this new child's life:

by 2006 when it starts school
by 2014 when it becomes a teenager
by 2019 when it goes to college
by 2035 when it becomes the same age as I am currently.

(Of course, it hardly need be said that all such comments are
entirely speculative, however, I suspect that this group will
at least have educated speculation.)

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