Re: Dante's riddle

From: scerir (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 08:06:03 MST

>From Damien Broderick [Dante's riddle]

> > "within which a five-hundred ten and five,"
> But this is no time to go shopping, and you'll need more cash
> than that these days, Dante, even at a five&dime

Well, the gematria-latin interpretation says:
Seems impossible that Dante could have known this solution
because the latin letter "J" at that time did not exist [?].
The other interpretations start from 515=DXV, but they
can not go much further.
Another one says 515=DXV and, by permutation,
DXV=DVX=Mussolini !

>> "one sent from God, shall slay the thievish woman"
> So... the biblical blockbuster will trounce the one about
> the slinky cat burglar

that "thievish woman" might be the church (during 1312)

> > "and that same giant who is sinning with her."
> Well, we can all guess who *that* is, can't we? [name deleted
> to forestall legal action]

Mr. 666, I suppose.

Dante's view, Death Valley, CA

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