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Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 07:44:04 MST

From: "Randy Smith" <>

>The invention itself is as interesting as the inventor. Kamen a
>true eccentric, cantankerous and opinionated, a great character,
>according to the proposal dropped out of college in his 20s, then
>invented the first drug infusion pump; he later created the first
>portable insulin pump and dialysis machine.

>Kamens most recent invention is the iBot, an off-road wheelchair
>that can climb stairs, cover sand and gravel and rise to balance
>on two wheels. A prototype iBot was showcased by wheelchair-bound
>journalist John Hockenberry at least years TED conference in
>Monterrey, Calif.; the demonstration was greeted by wild applause.

This guy was the subject of an article in WIRED months ago,
supposedly he was working on perfecting the Stirling (sp) engine
for use as a portable power source.


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