Re: `molecular resonance sequencing': trick or treat?

Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 16:23:47 MST

Damien forwards:
> 7 January 2001
> A medical school drop-out will unveil next month an invention which could
> revolutionise the mapping of the human genome and lead far more quickly to
> potential cures for cancer, diabetes and other diseases.
> ...
> He has created a "biochip", part cell and part microchip, by harnessing
> "quantum physics with biology". The chip, Mr Densham will proclaim at its
> launch next month, can read genetic codes in a fraction of the time of
> current mapping methods.

At first I thought this was that loony idea was saw here recently that
bio molecules as large as RNA could exist in a quantum superposition of
different states (so that a ribosome could hold several different amino
acids in superposition). But I don't think this is related.

It seems to be some mechanism to put the DNA onto a silicon chip and use
sensors to distinguish the nucleotides. Maybe you would pre-coat the chip
with some chemicals that would be sensitive to the various bases and then
when you put the DNA in place you can detect changes in the electrical
distribution, or something like that. It's not completely implausible
but I guess we will have to wait another month for the details.


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