Re: Nuke weapon/reactor/waste horror story links?

From: John Marlow (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 16:06:56 MST

Make that good intelligence and, shall we say, enemies
of suboptimal intelligence. Their lead casing would
leak because they'd put it together with Elmer's
Glue-All, which they'd buy on credit, filling their
real name and home address, while spilling plutonium
dust on the receipt.

john marlow

--- Chuck Kuecker <> wrote:
> At 01:32 AM 1/9/01 -0800, you wrote:
> >Consult NEST. Drugs do not leak gamma rays.
> individual
> >terrorists usually act on behalf of a group, under
> >specific instructions. The individual (being
> >dead)would not fear reprisals; the organization,
> >however, would draw a wrath like nothing before
> seen;
> >unlimited resources would be committed to its
> >immediate annihilation. Right now they're a pest;
> they
> >have no wish to become Priority Numero Uno.
> >
> >Trust me.
> >
> >john marlow
> True, about organizations. They want to live so they
> can sacrifice many
> suicide bombers...
> As far as gamma leakage - that's exactly what the
> lead is for. 2" of lead
> will attenuate gamma from plutonium (it emits mostly
> alpha, anyway), and
> the inverse square law will ensure that the
> signature is undetectable past
> a few meters at best, with modern equipment. Long
> range sensors for this
> kind of thing are limited to astronomy, where they
> look into almost empty
> space with gamma point sources. Try the same
> instrument aimed at a ball of
> mildly radioactive rock, and you get a big smear.
> I am sure NEST has detectors in strategic spots, and
> would not be surprised
> to learn that more than one nuclear terrorist simply
> vanished upon arriving
> in the United States. Regardless, if one was
> suitably motivated, brining in
> a backpack (or full-sized) nuke limpeted to the hull
> of a transport ship,
> covered in a few inches (or a foot!) of lead to
> prevent the detectors from
> alerting is not that hard. If we have not seen
> nuclear terrorism, I suspect
> it is due more to good intelligence rather than some
> science fiction magic
> bomb detector.
> Chuck Kuecker

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