Re: Extremism

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 08:53:51 MST

Jerry Mitchell wrote:
> Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> >One of the greatest ironies about this whole extremism structure is that it
> is exactly the extremist sheeple on both sides of an issue who accuse the
> independent and balanced thinkers of being either sheeple or followers of
> the other herd, simply because they won't run with their own.
> Are we starting to see why the word is meaningless? The truth of an idea
> isn't related to the number of people that believe it. That us effectively
> putting the cart before the horse. ;)

Thats right. Too many so-called 'independent and balanced thinkers' are
either people without principles, ever bending to the perception of
current short term self interest or else they are so co-dependent that
they are quite happy to let public opinion do their thinking for them.

Yes, some here call me an extremist. I am a principled man, I try to
live intentionally, not due to opportunity or utility. Too many have
fought and died defending or attempting to obtain the principles which I
hold dearly for me to take them lightly or for granted. Too many today
seek to destroy these principles for me to stand by watching. This is
not extremism, it is responsibility.

I could easily say that those who call me extremist are themselves
extremists: they take their alleged disinterest or moderation to
extremes. Those who claim to be 'moderate' are those 'good men' referred
to that permit evil to flourish because they do nothing. Now, Joe,
according to his posts, has been pretty courageous in defending abortion
rights, no doubt about it. Some may say he's a bit of an extremist about
it. I would hope that such a person could be similarly courageous about
other issues in life... rather than being extremely and obsessively
moderate while demonizing others who feel as passionately about 2nd
amendment rights as he does about a woman's 9th amendment right.

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