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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 08:22:55 MST

"Michael M. Butler" wrote:
> Joe Dees wrote:
> <Some valuable and thoughtful commentary elided>
> >The best way to know when an extremist is about to attack is to listen to them get indignantly
> >defensive, which typically happens whenever someone does not absolutely agree with them
> >concerning their pet issue; some sort of physical intimidation or verbal flame is sure to
> >follow.
> Yes, _very_ true. And, contrariwise, attacks are not the only sign of
> extremism, any more than workplace shootings are the only sign of an
> utterly unhappy worker. But not all extremists, it seems to me, attack
> directly. Some attack indirectly.

News flash: I'll be getting more soon, but I just found out through my
father that one of the Wakefield victims was a friend of my father and
his coworkers at Ruger. This man was an FFL holder, and a two time
president of SCAT, a shooting club near Wakefield. Because company
policy prohibited firearms in the workplace, he had no firearm to defend
himself and his coworkers in the building during the shooting (a policy
which the assailant evidently did not obey), despite having a difficult
to obtain Massachusetts Concealed Weapons Permit. One more statistic
that only law abiding people obey gun laws, and die for it every day.
(Yes, Joe, this does belong on exi-freedom... i do encourage everyone to
move it over there....)

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