Re: headless horseman

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jan 07 2001 - 20:22:19 MST

> Spike Jones wrote: But could a
> > body theoretically be kept "alive" without a head? wrote:

> Lifetime of a coma human on ventilator is several months,
> with optimal care. You have to constantly battle respiratory

That would be plenty of time for what I have in mind: temporary
sexual partners for truly twisted individuals.

Kidding bygones. Do pardon the weird humor, Gene. My
"winter visitor" is with me. Ive been in an emotional tailspin
the last several days but I expect to straighten up and fly right
any time now.

What I have in mind is keeping the bodies of cryonauts going
for about a week so that optimal tissue type matches can be
done to improve the viability of organ transplants. I am an
organ donor when my time comes {may it be long in the future}
but I would want to get my head frozen and I want to see my
donated organs live as long as possible. Ideally I would like
to see the recipient still living when I get thawed.

> (Btw, inserting the gastric tube is best done once. And
> you better check that the end is indeed where you think it
> is, or very bad things will start happening).

Ja, but for a 5 to 10 day sitch, a simple IV might do.

> > Would the decapitated heart continue to beat? Would
> > the digestive system continue to digest? spike
> Good question. Have you heard about "Mike the Headless Chicken"?

No. What is that? spike

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