Re: Compatibility (was riddles)

Date: Sun Jan 07 2001 - 12:05:45 MST

Barbara Lamar wrote:

> I wasn't sure what you meant by instability, so did a web search for

Nothing too fancy, just the simple rule of thumb that rich content takes
more lines of more complex code to render. Since a single bug can (and
often does) kill code, the overall probability of the app bombing is higher
the more richer content it has to be able to render. Set apart from the
fact that more code sees fewer eyeballs, and correlates with too short
deadlines. Plus, it's bloated, so it runs slower, etc.

> "internet instability" and, among other things, turned up the following
> abstract of a talk to be given by Bill Davidow at a colloquium to be
> held 21 Feb. 2001.


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