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From: Max M (maxmcorp@worldonline.dk)
Date: Sun Jan 07 2001 - 06:10:46 MST

From: J. R. Molloy

>Of course SI is all hypothetical stuff, but what the hell, let's talk
>about it anyway.

Actually I find the subject highly entertaining.

I see no reason why a SI should wipe out humanity.

The first thing I would do when uploaded would be to leave the gravity well,
and start mining the solar system for raw materials for a bigger and faster
brain. Until I was the brightest object in the sky so to speak ;-)

So much wealth up there and so little time.

Why should I bother about the earth? There is too much energy and materal
elsewhere and I wouldn't have to fight no one to get it either. Well not in
the beginning anyway.

I guess that other uploads would do the same. There would still be limits in
growth due to the speed of light, though massively parallel use of nanotech
could help on that. But probably a better use of my time would be to make my
brain smarter instead of just making it bigger.

I don't see why I should stay on earth to do that either.

Most likely the best strategy would be some kind of tradeoff between a lot
of different factors. Brain speed, Intelligence level, production
capability, growth speed etc. to name a few, including some I cannot even
comprehend now.

But why I should even bother to look back on earth I don't know.

It could be fun to play out a scenario based on SI and it's spreading in the
Solar system. But I must agree with Eliezer that if Nano comes before SI we
can be in grave trouble.

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