2001 ...A CR Odyssey

From: CYMM (cymm@trinidad.net)
Date: Sun Jan 07 2001 - 04:13:19 MST

Hi Extropians,

As it's now 2001; and as I promised myself, I've embarked on an indefinite
CR regime of about 400 - 600 Calories/day.

My genetics probably can support this...

I'll report occasionally on weight, cholesterol, fasting glucose,
triglycerides, BUN, and changes in slow wave sleep from time to time.

Advice from fellow CRers and interested persons will be DEEPLY appreciated.

I've done this before for extended periods... so I know I'm operating within
fairly safe calorie parameters... I just don't know whether I am running too
close to protein-energy malnutrition to hang on indefinitely.

If I find so, I'll titrate calorie intake upward. I really doubt I'll have
to go beyond 800 cals/day.

My meal is currently taken at evenings... I'll be switching to mornings from
the 13th Jan 2001 because I don't want to do the slow wave sleep disruption

I take lots of micronutrient supplements & a few drugs & herbs.

I'll be logging meals (...pills included...) once I stabilize onto the
routine ( in 2 weeks, say).



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