Embarrassing mistake

From: Barbara Lamar (altamiratexas@earthlink.net)
Date: Sun Jan 07 2001 - 02:37:21 MST

A few minutes ago I sent an email to the list that was meant to go to
Damien personally.

It was like this: Damien and I had been discussing web sites and
computers--I was in a terrible mood because my computer was not doing what
I wanted it to, and I was cussing the poor thing, talking about taking a
sledge hammer to it and so forth.

Jason's riddles cheered me up. So I wanted to drop Damien a short note,
because his answers to Jason's riddle were nice. Since we'd been talking
about web sites, I commented that Jason's a web designer but that his site
was too glizty and took too long to load--meaning for people like me who
have slow connections. I've said this to Jason too (and he's well aware of
it anyhow and has a notice to that effect on his site), but I would not
have chosen to post it to the list in those terms. As I've also said to
Jason and others, his site is a masterpiece if you have the equipment to
view and hear it properly.

So anyway, I apologize to all list members for cluttering the list with a
personal message. And I apologize to you, Jason, for saying something about
your web site that could have been interpreted as derogatory. And thank you
for cheering me up by posting your riddle and Fanshawe's poem.


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