Re: Wanted: Bill Joy Quote Details.

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 21:52:58 MST

WITH CONTEXT, including any evidence that it was edited. Please. The
best thing would be to get a file copy of the broadcast from CBS, if
possible. And interview the person in charge of that story. Anyone got
any connections there?

John Marlow wrote:
> Do you (does anyone) have the date and time of
> broadcast, and an exact quote?
> Thanks,
> john marlow
> John M. Grigg wrote:
> A few nights ago I was fascinated to see a brief
> interview with Bill Joy on CBS evening news. The
> topic was "robotic artificial intelligence" and a
> brief overview was given of some advances in this
> area. Then Bill Joy was shown(I had never seen him
> before) and he summed up his quick comments with "what
> humanity can do, it will do, and so humanity will
> destroy itself with these new technologies!" For such
> a supposedly intelligent man I was taken aback by his
> statement. By his own flawed logic we should have
> already destroyed ourselves with nuclear weapons.
> John
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