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Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 15:40:34 MST

Gazzaniga also has a smaller introductory textbook called _Cognitive
Neuroscience_ by Gazzaniga, Ivry and Mangun (Norton). It is a great book to
get aquainted with the field (which I hope to someday be joining).

  Josh Martin

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> > It's not really all that "new" (still using obsolete notions of
> "mind" and
> > "consciousness"), but according to Stephen G. Waxman, "Gazzaniga has
> > arrayed some of the world's leaders in one of the most exciting areas of
> > neuroscience -- cognitive neuroscience -- and has woven their
> > contributions into a comprehensive and well-documented, yet
> accessible and
> > provocative, overview. This book belongs on the shelf of any reader
> > interested in the brain and behavior."
> I got it, and it is quite good. A huge volume, definitely not
> something you read from cover to cover but wonderful to open up at
> random to learn something interesting from (just how does the
> forcefield hypothesis of motor command work? what about phantom
> pain?), and of course as a reference book if you are interested in a
> more specific field.
> I wouldn't recommend it as a starter book though. I find Kalat,
> J. W. (1998). Biological psychology. 6th ed. Brooks/Cole to be a nice
> introduction.
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