Fish in Space

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Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 22:09:01 MST


On Mars, it is cold because it is farther from the Sun, and gravity is
less. There is not enough air to breathe. There might be large
quantities of water. It does not have geodetic activity like the Earth.

On Earth, we have kudzu, an example of a plant that grows using runners
across the ground to stop erosion. On Mars, if there was liquid water
on the surface, then we could seed Mars with Earth life.

Some plants and animals on Earth live in desert-like conditions, where
the weather does not have to be good to support Earth life. For
example, some fish can live for years without water and perhaps air,

So, there could be bears on Mars, first. It would take a long time, but
the atmosphere could be seeded by engines that released the correct
proportion of atmospheric gasses into the environment, unlike current


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