Re: Mars in two weeks?

From: Brent Allsop (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 09:32:00 MST

On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, John Clark wrote:

> They figure a Americium-242 rocket could get to Mars in two weeks
> not two years as with a chemical rocket.

        I've always figured the optimal interplanetary travel speed
was accelerating at 1 g until you get half way there, and then
decelerating at the same rate the rest of the trip. Then you wouldn't
require centrifical force to simulate gravity right? How fast would
this be? How fast would you be going at the midpoint? And could you
get to Mars in two weeks with this? If not, how much acceleration
would be required to get there in 2 weeks? How many gs can a human
stand for extended periods of time? That's the ultimate speed limit
for humans right?

                Brent Allsop

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