Re: Congratulations to William Douglass

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 19:44:36 MST

I wrote:
>I read the essay by William Douglass in the Economist and really enjoyed
>it. Great work!! I liked how the "reality" of the mid twenty-first
>century slowly filtered through to me as I read the essay which had been
>written in the first person. Well, I bet all the Textropians are pretty
>proud of him right about now. Hmm, maybe oneday there should be the
>Alaskatropians... I like the sound of that.
Randy Smith wrote:
>Do you know of a link?

I actually read the essay in a PAPER MAGAZINE at my local bookstore. Yes, I realize how astounding this fact must be to some of you net hounds! lol

I did visit the website but even after a lengthy search could not find it. I believe you have to be a paying customer to gain access to it. Afterall, a essay this good deserves "premium"(restricted) treatment. lol! So much for the free exchange of intellectual property...


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