Re: web snapshot

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 08:50:55 MST

Yeah. It's about time we had something Xanadu had built in. No sarcasm,
just fact. Unfortunately, I don't see how to graft such a functionality

Spike Jones wrote:
> > Spike Jones wrote:
> > > Computer gurus among us: is it possible to save some form of
> > > a snapshot of theweb with content on a specific day? spike
> >
> > "Michael M. Butler" wrote:
> >
> > ...Seriously: the fellow I interviewed with at Google said, in passing,
> > "Google indexes 1.6 billion pages, or zero percent, of the Web."...
> You know, a technique for archiving the entire content of
> the web on any given day in history would be valuable as all
> hell. Have we not all read something somewhere on the web
> some time in the past and now we cannot find it? Think of
> the post singularity historians, trying to dig thru all the web
> content trying to reconstruct it all. Looks like an opportunity
> begging for some sharp computer guru to make a ton of
> money by inventing such a thing. spike

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