The poor children

From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 17:47:47 MST


"SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A Singapore school has made the mundane task of
ordering lunch more exciting by wiring up the canteen for cashless
payments, individual calorie counts and online ordering."
"All 550 students and staff at the year-old school were issued electronic
debit cards to pay for their meals --- and to track their attendance at

"Ordering lunch is a matter of walking up to one of six touch screen
terminals, flashing the debit card and selecting items from a picture

"Students then head to the cafeteria to find their orders waiting at one
of the six stalls serving different dishes."

"Obese kids, a ballooning problem in the prosperous city state, will see a
skinnier menu with fatty foods such as chocolates conspicuously absent."

"The system takes orders up to one year in advance and tallies up calorie
intake over a period of time."

"Parents will be able to control what younger tots eat by ordering meals
via a Web site and paying online starting in March."


This is so awful that words do not even begin to describe it. Is *this* what the planetary local net will be used for? Parents exercising absolute whimsy over the lives of their poor children? "Obese kids will see a skinnier menu..." How dare they? How *dare* they? I hope the first obese kid they try this on hacks their damn network and transfers every damn cent in the system to an account in the Cayman Islands.

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