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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 23:02:07 MST

> On Monday, 1 Jan 2001 Greg Burch wrote:
> ...> Then she told me to look up and I had a
> >true mind-blowing experience as I took in the cavernous vertical space >of
> >the 25(?)-story interior atrium around which the hotel is built. I >was
> >speechless for a good long time.

> Bill Douglass wrote:
> This would be a great way to be introduced to a wonderful (especially back
> in the 70s) building. Growing up in Houston the Hyatt Regency was one of my
> favorite buildings around.

I had a similar experience in the SCL6 building at Vandenburg AFB. It
was originally designed to launch the shuttle from the west coast, but
the greens figured out that baby bunnies might be hopping by when
the thing launched and could be startled, so the entire building was
abandoned. Five years ago, we got to launch the Lockheed Launch
Vehicle from that building. When I first went there, my coworker took
me up to the top. It confuses the mind to see such a huge cavernous
thing: the brain does not seem to know how to interpret what it is
seeing. We have all seen a canyon, but outdoors there are visual
cues for distance such as haze, moisture or dust particles in the air.
Inside that building, looking down 500 feet, my mind boggled.

If you have seen the a picture of the LLV inside SLC6, it is actually
funny. It looks like a bottle rocket inside that huge place. {8^D

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