Re: SPACE: Death of the "indie" bossters

From: Doug Jones (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 22:28:18 MST

Emlyn wrote:
> 10 billion might raise a few more eyebrows; this is expensive stuff! 10
> million would hardly pay Doug's wages for a month, or Spike's, for that
> matter.

The Xprize is currently only funded to $5 million, Peter Diamandis has
kinda stalled out on getting more sponsorship- but if the full ten
million were there, several groups would likely be able to get venture
funding to pursue the prize. $1E7 would pay a bunch of wages for a long
time, if managed well...

Take a look at the rocket plane racing thread that was on about a month back. More I won't say.

Doug Jones
Rocket Plumber, XCOR Aerospace

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