Re: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 21:01:47 MST

Anders Sandberg wrote:
> writes:
> > I've been trying to think of an Extropian angle on this film, but I
> > haven't had much luck.
> ...
> > This movie takes martial arts action to the next level. Characters in
> > Crouching Tiger run up walls, across water, and leap hundreds of feet
> > through the air, all with effortless grace amid beautifully choreographed
> > battle sequences.
> Well, I guess here it is: we want to be able to do things like that
> too (preferably beautifully choreographed too - maybe that is a job
> for self-organising nets of wearables that also supply suitable
> background music? :-).

The music could get annoying after a while...but, yeah, making it so
that everyone can, if ve wants, have that level of physical ability,
and "similar" levels of mental ability, is one way of dramatizing our

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