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Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 09:10:56 MST

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>I was thinking about qualia - wondering what would happen if my
>brain were suddenly receiving inputs about other wavelengths of
>light besides those in the visible range, x-rays suppose - would
>I immediately associate novel colors with them, or it would take
>some time to learn? I realized that since I have (at least)
>red/green color blindness I may get to find out sooner then
>normal, since a treatment for color blindness will probably be
>developed before x-ray vision. I was curious how serious my color
>actually was - so far in 23 years I haven't really had much
>difficulty with it. So I looked up "color blindness" and found
>this page among others:
>It has a chart on it, and I was startled to find that I can pass
>only one of the six tests with no difficulty. Three more of them,
>I can sort-of discern some difference in color around the center..
>Does anyone know if there is any work being done in treatment of
>color blindness? I would suspect it's more advanced then anything
>going on today since they'd need to implant cones and rods in the
>eye, or make them grow there. Any ideas on how to even come up
>with a treatment? Finding out my deficiency was so serious is a
>great feeling. It means when I fix it, it'll be a whole new world
>of experience.

There are some patents out there for special lenses to assist those
with various color deficiencies. I became very interested in this
after the recent list discussion on tetrachromatics. (I have normal
color vision)

I have sent some information and a signed OSA to a large
manufacturer of high quality optical wear. (Oakley) Along with
attempting to get them to manufacture tetrachromatic lenses for the
rest of us, I hope to interest them in special glasses for those
who have color deficiencies.

In the mean time you are in good company. A recent return e-mail
from Sir Arthur C Clarke confirmed he has red-green deficiencies.


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