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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 13:26:07 MST

From: Robert Bradbury <>

>> Twice a month I donate platelets which has the temporary effect
>>of lowering your cholesterol. So perhaps if we discover the right
>>trigger chemical this would induce people to give regularly.

>Brian, do you have a real reference for this? I thought platelets
>were mostly protein, in which case the donation would have a
>questionable effect on fat. [Of course there is some in the lipid
>bilayer, but that seems small.]

I searched the Journal Of Clinical Apheresis online at:

and found this article in volume 12, issue 3, 1997.

"Cholesterol biosynthesis in normocholesterolemic patients after
cholesterol removal by plasmapheresis".

Unfortunately the whole article is available only to subscribers,
maybe you have more pull Robert. ;)

But apparently you can use plasmapheresis to remove cholesterol.

>From what I can find from other sources what the Red Cross collects
is a platelet/plasma concentrate. It has 6-8 time the normal number
of platelets, but no word on how concentrated the plasma is or what
it contains.

sounds like a grant opportunity.


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