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Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 04:49:04 MST

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> It's a good idea but it's not as trivial as you think. For starters, how
> do you correlate with time zone distribution? You can't do it by simply
> assuming people in non-US domains are in the appropriate time zone and
> people in TLDs are in CONUS -- I post from a .org, but I'm in Scotland,
> for example. To actually understand how posting levels are going, you
> need either to go for a long-term approach ( >24 hours) or take into
> account geographical distribution.

I agree. Most people aren't reading the messages that appear on this list
on a minute-to-minute basis. Heck, a large chunk of readers get the
digest version, which is only released daily.

In light of this, anything more precise than a daily readout is probably
not going to be very helpful in determining, well, anything really.
Indeed, I rather suspect that it'll be week-by-week observations which
yield the most interesting results.


Frankly, though, I'd rather someone get the search engine working again
(AHEM!) before anyone starts working on this. Right now it's completely



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