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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 23:28:17 MST

> Michael S. Lorrey wrote: I'm ALWAYS thinking about money...

Ja me too. This just came over my webcrawler today. I had no idea...

Metropolitan Police report red-light violations have dropped 60 percent at
District of Columbia intersections where cameras designed to capture
lawbreaking drivers on film have been installed. The program has been such a
success that Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey is expanding the operation with at
least 20 new red-light cameras and the installation of cameras that detect
speeders. "These programs are helping us improve traffic safety, while bringing
in new revenue for the District," Chief Ramsey told the D.C. Council. Through
the end of February, the city has collected more than $2.4 million in fines.
Violators get a ticket in the mail for the indiscretion, at a cost of $75 a ticket
plus two points on their license. Police officials said the highly automated
system makes issuing the red-light violations easier, alerts distracted drivers
more promptly and, apparently, serves as an effective deterrent. The firm
handling the equipment, Lockheed Martin IMS, has installed 36 cameras at
intersections throughout the city. Six more are pending, and Chief Ramsey
wants to add 20 more after that. Lockheed makes about $26 from every ticket
that is paid, and the city does not pay any money up front. The company
controls the entire process, from installing the cameras to sending out the
tickets. (Washington Times)

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