Re: a to-do list for the next century (humor)

From: john grigg (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 03:03:19 MST

Stirling Westrup in sharing his thoughts on getting people to do the right
thing wrote: 8) Orbital mind-control lasers.

I wrote:
>Stirling, I will not allow you to strip people of their freedom of >choice!
>I will share with them how to put aluminum foil inside their >hats to cause
>your mind control lasers to bounce right off their >heads! That'll stop
>your evil plans to force people to do good!

Stirling wrote:
You fool! The aluminum foil in the third world contains special
micropatternings that will focus and concentrate the microwave emissions of
specialy irradiated gophers, leading to complete mental domination! You see,
I've thought of everything!!!Yee Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha <--- Sinister laugh.

Not quite everything! My transhuman ferret friends have made a meal out of
your nefarious irradiated gophers! I have foiled your evil plans once again
[I go into my classic heroic stance of victory!]!

And by following the suggestion I was given of having people wear
pyramid-shaped hats of aluminum foil, not only are they safe from you but
they can put their shaving razors under the pyramid hat to keep the blades
always sharp so they can have a really close shave!!

My work is done here!

best regards evil-doer,

John Grigg :)
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