Re: MS Funded/Founded by NSA?

From: phil osborn (
Date: Sat Feb 19 2000 - 23:33:14 MST

>Subject: Re: MS Funded/Founded by NSA?
>Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:50:56 -0500
>Tim May wrote:
>>Arghh..where to continue? Consider that at least several other
>>manufacturers of Intel-compatible chips exist. AMD, obviously. But also
>>Cyrix/National/Via, and Texas Instruments, and IBM. Did all of them
>>design in the "special NSA sections"? Without any of them talking?
(And these are only the recent deals. In the past, Matra/Harris, a
>>French-affiliated company, was a producer. Ditto for a bunch of others,
>>American, European, and Asian. All of them in on the conspiracy?)
As a paranoid theory, it's not even interesting.
>>--Tim May

On the other hand, some years ago - early 90's - I was giving lectures on
the future of computing and virtual reality. I predicted in detail both in
my talks and in print in an article in Amiga User Internationale that
passive transponder ID chips would become ubiquitous around now, eventually
allowing for "I-Glasses" style HUDs to run a continuous "overlaid reality"
based on accessing web databases keyed to unique identifier codes in the
chips. At that point, the chips were slightly under a dollar in bulk and up
to 256 bytes in their return chirp. In practical terms that meant that the
city of San Jose could afford to put Indala Coporation's chips in all the
city garbage cans and that, in theory, you could put unique identifiers on
every piece of significant property on the planet, down to thumb tacks and
paper clips.
That was a decade ago, approximately. Today I got a cute little notpad,
calculator, memobook, address/phone book, calculator in the mail for
subscribing to a cheap magazine. It occurred to me to wonder what else was
molded into the plastic???? At the price, it would be extremely cheap
surveilance tech to put these tiny chips into all kinds of stuff - they can
be injected into pets or molded into plastic, and I don't know of any law
that requires informing anyone - me or the magazine publisher. Then all you
have to do is match one of them to an individual and by scattering the
readers around public areas where everyone passes....
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