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Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 20:29:29 MST

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> <> The "gun ban" WAS a temporary measure, <--------snip------------------>
The temporary moratorium had NOTHING to do with the
> subject matter and EVERYTHING to do with the way that the list was being
> abused.

So all topics are still fair game....gotcha...
> <> EvMick, as ExI's officer charged with enforcing that temporary policy,
> was required to "unsubscribe" you when you 1) failed to observe the
> temporary moratorium on gun discussions and 2) failed to reply to my
> correspondence on the matter. I am certain that the reason for this was
> irregular nature of your contact with the net in the first instance, and a
> full mailbox in the second. Although I therefore had good reason to
> your transgression was completely unintentional, I had no choice but to
> enforce the terms of the moratorium against you. I was sorry to do so and
> glad you're back on the list.

Glad to hear that. For the record I'll explain. Sometimes I get on the net
frequently...othertimes there are great lapses. (on the average it's at
least weekly)....however Montana, N.Dakota and that part of the country have
little or no truck available internet access.

I recall that during the JoeDee Flame war i got Waaaaaaaaaay behind on my
mail. My mailbox was full frequently. I tried using a FIFO method of
reading and commenting but I got further and further behind. I suppose that
i was commenting on posts that were days if not weeks old. In other words I
was making comments after the "ban' but unaware of the ban because i hadn't
got that far yet. Of course i may have missed it altogether because if my
mail box is full then i never get the email.

Anywho...glad that's all taken care of.

However ....I do hold kind of a record I suppose...

I was kicked out of Sunday School once for asking difficult questions. Now
I've been kicked off the Extropian list also. (heh heh)

EvMick<-------trying to figger out how to make a "kill file"
Effingham Illinois

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