Re: Extropian finder service?

From: Skye (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 17:18:08 MST

Hey.... I was just thinking. I do a wee bit of web
page programming and was wondering whether or not this
might be a bit easier than it sounds... I'll have to
look at some code for search engines, but I think it
might not be that hard for Neal and I to create...:)
Once I get it set up someplace, I need some names...
I'll send another email to tell everyone the address
if you're all interested.

--- Rob Sweeney <> wrote:
> Brent Allsop ( wrote on Thu, Feb
> 17, 2000 at 02:21:46PM -0700:
> > Sasha <> asked:
> >
> > > Could we create a searchable database of
> extropians
> > [ ... ]
> > I think such a system would be a great resource
> for the
> > extropian community for these ans many other
> reasons. What do you all
> > think?
> >
> I'd be happy to help out.. of course not being a
> paid member of ExI or
> otherwise an oldtimer I'd have to demand one of
> those low ID numbers as compensation!
> I'm in the midst of trying to bring myself
> up-to-date on the frontend
> side of Web development, but I can hold my own
> pretty well on the
> backend/SQL/design side.. if that's useful.
> I suspect that this is the sort of effort where the
> "best is the enemy
> of the good enough". That listing of homepages that
> got posted to the list recently
> was a great start - a very easy way to just gather
> names together, and
> from there you can do whatever other probing you
> want... of course, it's
> limited to who the author of that page thought were
> worthwhile and
> interesting people - and not to paid ExI members.
> A similar directory
> of member pages would be an easy first step. A
> good example to look at
> is what they have on -
> people can organize
> themselves by region, topic of interest, etc.,
> include a short bio,
> URLs, that sort of thing.
> It can be arbitrarily more complicated of course..
> that's always the
> part that I find fun, and the part that causes stuff
> like this to not
> get >done<!
> (off topic: anyone else going to Reason's Dynamic
> Visions Conference this
> weekend?)
> /rs
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