Re: Extropian finder service?

From: Rob Sweeney (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 15:53:34 MST

Brent Allsop ( wrote on Thu, Feb 17, 2000 at 02:21:46PM -0700:
> Sasha <> asked:
> > Could we create a searchable database of extropians
> [ ... ]
> I think such a system would be a great resource for the
> extropian community for these ans many other reasons. What do you all
> think?

I'd be happy to help out.. of course not being a paid member of ExI or
otherwise an oldtimer I'd have to demand one of those low ID numbers as compensation!
I'm in the midst of trying to bring myself up-to-date on the frontend
side of Web development, but I can hold my own pretty well on the
backend/SQL/design side.. if that's useful.

I suspect that this is the sort of effort where the "best is the enemy
of the good enough". That listing of homepages that
got posted to the list recently
was a great start - a very easy way to just gather names together, and
from there you can do whatever other probing you want... of course, it's
limited to who the author of that page thought were worthwhile and
interesting people - and not to paid ExI members. A similar directory
of member pages would be an easy first step. A good example to look at
is what they have on - people can organize
themselves by region, topic of interest, etc., include a short bio,
URLs, that sort of thing.

It can be arbitrarily more complicated of course.. that's always the
part that I find fun, and the part that causes stuff like this to not
get >done<!

(off topic: anyone else going to Reason's Dynamic Visions Conference this


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