Re: Black hole question

From: Rik van Riel (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 13:46:00 MST

On 15 Feb 2000, Anders Sandberg wrote:
> "Stirling Westrup" <> writes:
> > Many interesting things happen when black holes collide (at least
> > theoretically). One is that the final resulting black hole has an
> > apparant volume less than the sum of the apparant volumes of the two
> > colliding holes.
> Also, event horizons can slosh around faster than light - they are
> not things per se so they are allowed to do it, rather like how
> the point where a laser beam lights up a remote wall can move
> faster than light when the laser is turned.

Actually, I think this might be an excellent way to describe

"Gravity is the projection of mass onto spacetime"
(like the point on the wall is the projection of the
light coming out of your laser pen)

The same analogy can be used to describe how gravity
interacts with itself. Projections don't appear to
interact with each other, until you examine it more

Of course I'm no scientist so I haven't got a clue as
to how good an analogy this is. I'm interested in the
opinion of others though...



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