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From: Bryan Moss (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 15:17:58 MST

Stirling Westrup wrote:

> I've been wondering if anyone had any comments on its
> design. What does it do right and what does it do wrong?
> How would you change it, and what would be your wish list
> if you didn't have to worry about implementation details?

Anyone can create an XML document that annotates another
document by using XML's linking language. These documents
can be contained anywhere so the real problem is finding
them. It's my opinion that the main interface to the Web
will become the search engine. Domain names have a number
of problems - there's not enough to go around, they have a
very restricted character set, big business disputes
ownership, etc. I think most people who've been using the
Web for a long time use search engines and bookmarks more
than they type URLs so it makes sense to put the search
interface in the browser and tie it in with your bookmarks,
history, etc. Once you've got the search interface you can
start splitting it up into specific chunks - an annotations
search, a travel search, a commerce search. The browser will
become a bunch of interfaces for different types of search -
buy, sell, auction, annotate, etc. (We're not limited to
annotation either, XML's support for transclusion means that
a suitably savvy browser will be able to pick and mix all
sorts of data in any number of novel ways.)


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