Re: The Machinery Of Freedom

From: John Thomas (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 12:52:10 MST

At 10:59 AM -0800 2/16/2000, E. Shaun Russell wrote:
>John Clark wrote:
>>>I will have to write a final paper for my polital theories class in a couple
>>>weeks. [...] Does anyone have any suggestions on a good topic or
>>>possibly a good book to read.
>>Read "The Machinery Of Freedom" by David Friedman, it's a wonderful book,
>>every page will give you new and powerful ideas.
> I second this, though I recommend that if you do wish to buy it, go to
> rather than is nearly half the price.

    Don't forget "The Future and Its Enemies" by Virginia Postrel, a
good sidebar to Friedman's ideas and just out in paperback.

-John Thomas

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