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Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 06:38:15 MST

As usual, I have limited time to write during the week. Therefore, I will be
mercifully brief in addressing the questions that have been raised in this

<> The "gun ban" WAS a temporary measure, undertaken with great reluctance
by ExI as the sponsor of this list. It was instituted to address what had
become a pointless posting of an unreasonable number of messages that had
come to contain an unacceptably high level of personalistic attacks and
offensive language. The temporary moratorium had NOTHING to do with the
subject matter and EVERYTHING to do with the way that the list was being

<> EvMick, as ExI's officer charged with enforcing that temporary policy, I
was required to "unsubscribe" you when you 1) failed to observe the temporary
moratorium on gun discussions and 2) failed to reply to my private
correspondence on the matter. I am certain that the reason for this was the
irregular nature of your contact with the net in the first instance, and a
full mailbox in the second. Although I therefore had good reason to believe
your transgression was completely unintentional, I had no choice but to
enforce the terms of the moratorium against you. I was sorry to do so and am
glad you're back on the list.

<> We have had some extremely high quality discussion on the this list in the
last couple of years. This is primarily because we have a lot of really
smart people on the list who value it as a resource and have the good
judgment to use it wisely. As always, we are each of us dependent on the
common sense of other posters to maintain this quality environment. Please
use good judgment in maintaining the value of the list.

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