Re: Warped? (was)Sampling vs. Stealing songs (was) Nirvana

From: KPJ (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 02:35:33 MST

It appears as if Lee Daniel Crocker < (none)> wrote:
|> << You made my point: your mind is warped by the rhetoric of IP
|> law. >>
|> Gee thats a good way to start a debate. So fair, so open minded, so
|> comlimentary to one's oponenet... Glad you've been honing those social
|> skills again. Since my mind is warped, obviously you should find
|> straight and rigid minds to play with.
|You're right, that's probably not the best word: how about
|"infected" with memetic virus of IP?

Both statements point at the same phenomenon (have the same denotation)
but may generate different emotional overtones, subjective interpretations,
socio-cultural values, and ideological assumptions in humans reading them
(have different connotations).

Extropians should learn to avoid the connotational traps, so they can
infect the optimum number of humans with their extropian ideas.

Caveat infector.

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