Re: Life extension in practice

From: John Thomas (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 20:03:13 MST

At 7:55 PM -0800 2/15/2000, Technotranscendence wrote:
> > If there _were_ such a thing as practical life extension, many of
>> us would no doubt do that. But while there have been many studies
>> showing some correlations between diets containing certain nutrients
>> and certain health benefits, there has not been a single study I'm
>> aware of to show that popping vitamin pills has any positive health
>> benefit at all.
>What about the UCLA study of vitamin C published in 1992? This was not the
>most rigorous study, but it tracked over 11K individuals over about a
>decade. The findings? Men taking 800 mg of vitamin C per day lived about 6
>years longer than those taking 60 mg of the same per day. Another 9 year
>study completed in 1996 with a similar population size seemed to confirm
>this, though the study focused on vitamins C and E, rather than just vitamin
>C. Granted, those are only two studies, but that beat Lee Daniel's above

    The problem with these studies is that there's no way to control
for other variables.
The kind of person who takes 800 mg of vitamin C probably does a
great many other things to enhance life extension: e.g. exercise, eat
a low-fat diet, and of course take other vitamins. The person who
takes 60 mg probably isn't too serious. Until it's possible to do an
extensive long-term study of individuals so isolated that every
possible variable affecting their health is controlled it won't be
possible to take these studies seriously. And who would volunteer?

-John Thomas

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