Re: fleshing the press

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 23:11:14 MST

Damien Broderick wrote:
> Another day, another interview in a newspaper, and same old, same old spin.
> Here are some fragments from the latest small piece in a Melbourne paper:
> truly terrifying
> you would prefer to disbelieve
> potential to go frighteningly wrong
> freely admits he spends much of his time either in the library or on the
> Internet
> I lerrrrv that `freely admits'. He reads! He thinks! It's sickening, it's a
> filthy habit, but at least he has the minimal grace to *freely admit it*.
> I was hoping that I could persuade this young journo woman to go in the
> direction of
> exhilarating
> wildly optimistic
> exciting
> Ah well. Try again.

Its surprising that media isn't more optimistic down there in Oz,
considering the bountiful optimism represented by the fact that 32
percent of all video poker machines in the world are in Australia (which
has 1 percent of the population) and the average Australian loses 2-3
times as much money gambling as he/she spends on energy and food.

Mike Lorrey

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